fredag 21.06 - 2013


kl. 17:00



APPÄRATUS (malaysia): Swedish raw-punk worship

ADELITAS (us): Melodic latino anarcho-punk

COMMIE COWBOYS (k-town) - Punx Picnic!: Hardcorepunk brought up on rock'n'roll

CONTORTURE (swe): Raw and noisy crustpunk on a mission to destroy the patriarchy

CREEM (can): No bullshit straight forward 80's hardcore

DE HØJE HÆLE (k-town): KBD styled punk rock - partytime guaranteed!

DISTRESS (rus): Political d-beat crust'n'roll so brutal that Putin wants it banned

DRY HEAVES (gb): Catchy and snotty hardcore punk

EXTENDED SUICIDE (dk): Brand new danish pogo-inviting hardcoreoutfit

FY FAN (swe): Rising from the dead to make sure you have no future!

HALSHUG (k-town): Raw hardcore

HÅRDA TIDER (swe): Crime City fucking hardcore

KRIGSKONTRAST (swe) - Punx Picnic!: Raw, crusty d-beat madness

MOTH (dk): Manic synth/minimal wave-postpunk

NIGHT FEVER (dk): Local lunatics return to the festival and promise to create havoc

NUCLEAR SPRING (us): Unpolished melodic midtempo-hardcorepunk

PRIMITIVE RITES (swe): Mad and manic hardcore

RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA (aus/ch): Pissed-off anarchopunx once more visit K-Town!

SECT (barcelona): Dark uncompromising postpunk meets UK anarcho-punk

SICKOIDS (us): Old-school east-coast hardcore

SWORDWIELDER (swe): Dark stenchcore with dual vocals

TANZKOMMANDO UNTERGANG (de): Distorted and depressive postpunk

THE WAR GOES ON (k-town): Melancholic nihilistic punkrock

The live-music for all days will be in the main hall. Friday and saturday will have at least 7 or 8 bands each, and sunday approximately 5 bands. The Punx Picnic will feature around three bands. Sunday will, as the last couple of years, be a little different than the rest of the festival, featuring a bunch of post-punk/weirdo-punk bands!




For many years, Copenhagen have been the center for a strong and engaged Do-It-Yourself (DIY) punkculture in Denmark. One of the annual events was the K-Town Festival, where people from all over the world arrived to party, perform, sell records, eat vegan food, make politics and much much more. When we lost our house on Jagtvej 69, the festival continued under the name SHITTOWN Festival at Christiania. After a long struggle, we took back that which was ours from the start: A new youth house! Now running on it's 5th year, the scene is as strong as ever and we are proud to present the 3rd edition of our festival!

The thought behind DIY-culture is, to create an independent network of artists, activist and social spaces, where everybody has in common that they want to create culture because they can and will, and not for the money or prestige. In the DIY-culture, the aim is that everybody is even, so if you're a booker, play in a band, build bikes, make peoples-kitchens or something completely different - you are contributing to keeping the culture alive, just by taking part og being there.

Exactly this mentality has made it possible to create a strong international network across artificial borders such as nationality, sex, sexual orientation, age and experience. What the commercial industry sees as a problem, we see as a challenge, and an opportunity to change the rules, learn more about each other and ourselves as humans, in a world that belongs to all of us.

We actively fight discrimination and cynical speculation in fame and profit. This means that all forms of racism, sexism, heterosexism and homophobia, violence and hard drugs are completely banned from Ungdomshuset, and every participant in the festival, no matter how you participate, will be treated the same. All money from the festival will go to covering the necessary costs of making the festival, like electricity, water and food for activists, transportation and so on.